Study visit in Krakow

From 25th to 30th of May 2014, the members of the e-RR project team of lead partner RIC Novo mesto participated in the study visit in Krakow (as the part of the LDV – VETPRO, Sharing and Learning project). The host organization was The Union of Associations Multicultura, which is also a partner in the e-RR project.

The purpose of the study visit was to learn about best practices in the field of Roma issues, especially learning in the field of Roma inclusion. in the context of the study visit participants also have the opportunity to do discuss with the representatives of the host organization Multicultura on the implementation of the outcome of the e-RR project – the international platform, which will be devoted to the presentation of good practices, policies, materials, projects … in the field of Roma inclusion.

study visit krakow