2nd project meeting in Trnava in Slovakia

Between 18th and 19th of September e-RR project partners meet on our second meeting. The host organization was University of Trnava. Since we had a lot of things to discuss, we had very busy meeting. Most of the time we worked in two groups – “researchers group” and steering group.

After the common session, where all partners representatives present progress on the work in the WP they lead, researchers worked on the finalization of the Methodology guide for the State of art and needs assessment survey. Before coming to Trnava, partners just finished the pilot implementation and prepared the reports that partners discussed on the meeting. After the discussion the researchers agreed on the final version of the Questionnaire.

On the second day researchers discussed the structure and the content of the final result of the project – e-RR platform. Project partner Multikultura and lead partner RRIC Novo mesto presented their proposals. At the end of the second day partners prepared joined proposal of the structure and the content of the e-RR portal.

In the steering group project managers discussed about the recommendations of the 1st monitoring reports, about finalizations of the work plans for the work packages, financial management of the project and other things, connected with the project management.

Despite the busy agenda we manage to have a quick guided tour through Trnava, where we discovered beautiful ancient city and even met the mare of the city. Membesr of project team form Trnava University gave their best and organized excellent and fruitful project meeting.

On the link below you can see the report from the local television and also get impression about the meeting by viewing photos from the meeting.