We need your co-operation

In September our project team worked on preparing the proposal structure and contents of the international platform. Prior to the above preparation we analysed the current situation on different Roma topics in our partners’ countries and throughout Europe.
Subsequently we had two meetings with our partners from LU Kočevje and Croatia Employment Service, RO Karlovac, where we presented our proposal to them. We made some improvements together. Prior to starting with the preparation of final proposal, we discussed the proposal with Multikultura from Poland, who is responsible for the implementation of the platform. While preparing the final proposal we took into consideration all the suggestions of the partners present.

The aim of the platform is to have as many different materials as possible collected in one place. We hope that the platform will be used by teachers, adult education providers, social workers, Roma community workers, etc. Various potential beneficiaries from partners’ countries will be asked about their needs. Their opinions will be taken into consideration when preparing the final platform.

Since you have also been engaged in that field, we would appreciate your answering some questions that you can find on the link. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

You are also free to share your thoughts with us by using the following e-mail err.project@ric-nm.si.