Third project meeting of e-RR partnership in Krakow, Poland

Form 18th until 20th of February e-RR partners met on the third project meeting in Krakow. Hosting institution was Union of associations Multikultura from Poland. Main part of the meeting was intended for assessment and evaluation of the e-RR platform. Proposal of structure and the content was already set in first year of the project. Findings from the State of the art and needs assessment survey and Transnational report confirmed that we are on the right way. From the beginning of this year project partners started to upload content and materials to the platform. On the project meeting they presented their first observations and suggestions for changes and additions to the existing solutions.

Part of the project meeting was of course also the revision of the work done in each packages and planning of the further activities. Partners gave special emphasis of the dissemination activities and quality assurance of the project.

New e-RR platform will be publicly accessible from the beginning of May. At the beginning of its operation platform will be tested, evaluated and assessed by different beneficiaries and stake holders. Project activities after the public lunch of the platform will focus mostly on the dissemination and exploitation of the new e-RR platform, which will also network different organisations working in the field of Roma.