About e-RR

The main aims of the e-RR project are to promote, disseminate and exchange previous work on the field of Roma inclusion from different sources. The partner consortium wants to build on the fields of experience and already existing good practices that have been undertaken by many organizations, institutions, authorities and other stakeholders.

The project outcome will a transnational online educational and informational platform, targeted to the specific group of educators, project promoters, professionals, decisions makers, relevant stakeholders and Roma learners, according to their differing needs.

Objects of the project are:

  • to raise awareness on the importance of collaboration and exchange of best practices for successful work in the field,
  • to build learning and informational online platform for everyone in Europe interested in educational projects and related policies in the field of Roma education and training,
  • to enhance the usage of different already designed products, project outputs and to promote results by collecting, presenting and promoting them via online platform and other activities,
  • to present good educational and training practices, policies and other relevant documents in the field of education and training of Roma,
  • to disseminate and evaluate good educational practice,
  • to transfer good practices between various EU partners.

e-RR project partnership is consisted of 6 partners, each partner is also a WP leader. Partners in the e-RR project are: