Association pour le développement des initiatives

Since its creation in 1999, ADICE has grown. Since the beginning ADICE has been fighting against discriminations and promoting people with fewer opportunities (youngsters, job seekers and people with migrant background…) at a social and professional level. Their work is to provide an opportunity to those persons for an enhancive experience which would reinforce and enrich their personal and professional development. The aim is to coach them in their project’s definition, to identify the competences they want to develop, to facilitate their access to the employment market and to encourage their participation into democratic projects. ADICE talks about “promotion”, which means starting from the individual to implement an adapted project, in contrast with “integration” which implies that the individual has to adapt to the project.

ADICE considers international mobility as a way to integrate, mix and promote people, enabling them to develop social (open mindedness, autonomy, critical thinking, solidarity, selfconfidence), professional (teamwork, technical and linguistic competences) and intercultural competences (discovery of a new country, a new environment, tolerance, overcoming of stereotypes). It is a way of breaking from one’s daily environment, of encouraging autonomy, of giving a sense of responsibility but mostly of identifying, reinforcing and building skills.


ADICE – Association pour le développement des initiatives, ADICE
Phone number: 00333 20 11 22 68