Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje, Podružni ured Karlovac

The Croatian Employment Service is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia, constituted under Law on mediation in employment and entitlements during unemployment, aimed at resolving employment and unemployment related issues in their broadest sense. Main CES activities are:

  • job mediation – CES referes unemployed people and people who seek employment, to the employers who seek workers. It mediates between the largest unemployed people and other people who seek employment data base and the largest work place vacancies data base (in the Republic of Croatia). Both data bases exist in electronic format, which makes them accessible to entire Croatia.
  • vocational guidance – vocational guidance is conducted by the vocational informing and counselling counsellors. Vocational guidance includes vocational informing – the process by which important information regarding choices of occupation, profession and area of work and vocational counselling – the process which, through collecting the relevant data.
  • provision of financial support to unemployed– rights of unemployed people are determined by the Law on mediation of employment and entitlements during unemployment and its purpose is to facilitate the effective functioning of the labour market and to create the essential legal grounds for insuring the adequate level of social security of unemployed people.
  • employment training – CES participates in the unemployment training activities aimed at increasing the balance between the abilities of unemployed people and the current and anticipated labour market needs. Except implementing Active Employment Policy Measures, i.e. financing and co-financing employment and training (administering training programs), the CES also participates in various projects, initiatives, and activities aimed at unemployed person`s training, and administered through cooperation with the local and regional units of self-government and through various EU projects and other activities and initiatives which include training.
  • employment preparation – is expert assistance which affects the level of employability of a person who seeks employment, and is preventive in balancing supply and demand in the labour market.

Rome people are one of the groups that CES RO Karlovac is working actively in order to improve their employment opportunities and social inclusion in general. Activities that CES RO Karlovac has done in last 5 years are following:

  • Including unemployed Roma people in program “Decade of Literacy”. The goal was to provide elderly unemployed Roma people primary education.
  • 6 unemployed Roma persons have received high school diploma and their first vocation through CES activity that was funded through National Plan of Active Employment Policy Measures
  • 7 unemployed Roma persons were employed by providing co-financing through National Plan of Active Employment Policy Measures.


Phone number: 00 385 47 606 400