Ljudska univerza Kočevje

Ljudska univerza Kočevje (Institute For Adult Education Kočevje) is a public institute for adult education in Slovenia. Their key priority is to spread and raise the educational level of the inhabitants in SE Slovenia and thus promote the lifelong learning concept and ideas.

With years LU kočevje has outgrown into a centre for adult learning with a diverse offer on training programmes and development activities. The formal and non-formal educational programmes as well as all forms of lifelong learning provide a wide range of possibilities on acquiring knowledge on different education levels (from primary school for adults to higher education), support and learning help (consultancy centre, centre for self-directed learning) as well as various courses on leisure activities, better quality of life, mostly focused on vulnerable groups, ethnic minorities – Roma, disabled person, unemployed. In the past four years the institute gained many experiences in project work, being a partner in local, regional and transnational project partnership.

LU Kočevje is also providing education for Roma people for many years in forms of: primary school for Roma adults (including learning help if needed), special public project to help Roma with their socialisation and integration,programmes for active citizenship, people with special needs and Roma population comprising language and computer courses, communication and life skills, better quality of life, etc.

Projects addressing Roma issue:

  • Development of Counselling Models for Vulnerable Groups” (national project) with main output: innovative models for providing counselling to senior citizens, Roma community and people with special needs.
  • Centre for Self-Directed learning” where Roma have a free access to computers and can use e-leaning resources and tools developed in other projects.


Phone number: 00 386 1 893 82 270
Website: http://www.lu-kocevje.si/