The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA

Union of Associations Multikultura has a good experience as project coordinator and as project partner in the field of work with children, youth and their parents. In addition, they are a local coordinator for of large number of schools. Since 1999 The MULTIKULTURA has been working as educational provider on different projects of Cooperative Learning in classes as well as in the international contexts, where partners explore methods that stimulate the co-operation between participants through open, challenging and complex tasks. Mainly exploring the method derived from cooperative learning developed by Elizabeth Cohen (Stanford University) and DALTON PLAN.

In 2004 Multikultura was nominated to the Evens Price for Intercultural Education for coordinating the COMENIUS Multilateral project in title: “Others are also us”. With the objective: education for children of minority groups and their parents Roma, Jewish, Ukrainians, German. After that Multikultura participated as project partner in two multilateral projects «CLIM» Cooperative Education Project coordinated by Gent University and «DIMPLE» project: European Help-desk for Intercultural Education coordinated by the University of Utrecht. Last year Multikultura coordinated multilateral project for collective poetry writing and translating. The internet portal is designed to offer opportunity to explore art of collective poetry writing simultaneously on the internet chat. For the last five years MULTIKULTURA has been delivering weekly on-line classes for collective poetry writing and translating.

MULTIKULTURA is working in collaboration with many educational institutions like schools, Universities, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Multikultura is also a member of the Polish National Digital Library.
Cooperating with the following institutions: Central Council of the Roma, Association of Roma in Poland, President Roman Kwiatkowski, Cultural Center of the Roma in Poland.

The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA,
Phone number: 00 48 124 295 228