Razvojno izobraževalni center Novo mesto

Project Coordinator is Development and Education Centre Novo mesto.

The Development and Education Centre Novo mesto (RIC Novo mesto) is one of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia. The institute was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo mesto with the main purpose to enable continuing learning for people of all ages and in this way promote the lifelong learning concept and ideas.

RIC Novo mesto’s strengths lie in the offer of diverse innovative formal and informal education programs for the general public and specific vulnerable groups: people living in rural areas, people with special needs, young adults who dropped out of school or have other problems, the unemployed, the elderly, the Roma population, immigrants, employees in search for new trainings and education etc.

RIC Novo mesto has had many years of experience in the field providing education for the Roma for many years which currently comprise: primary school for Roma adults, special public project to help Roma with their socialisation and integration, learning help for Roma adults who visit primary school programme, programmes for active citizenship for people with special needs and the Roma population, comprising language and computer courses, communication and life skills, healthy food, healthy lifestyle, Roma culture and clothes etc. RIC Novo mesto participated and carried out a large number of projects involving Roma issues: EAHC funded European project SRAP to tackle the prevention and reduction of use/abuse of legal/illegal substances among young Roma, The national project “Development of Counselling Models for Vulnerable Groups” where innovative models for providing counselling to senior citizens, Roma community and people with special needs have been prepared, Centre for Self-Directed learning where the Roma have a free access to computers and can use e-leaning resources and tools developed, project Finally– Financial Literacy for the Roma etc.


Development and Education Centre Novo mesto
Razvojno izobraževalni center Novo mesto / RIC NOVO MESTO
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Novo mesto

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