Work Packages


WP1 – Management and coordination

The Leader of WP1 Project management and Coordination – RIC Novo mesto

This WP will ensure successful completion of all tasks, the agreed resources, timeframes and also effective communication with the contracting European authority and all Partners involved. Under this WP we will ensure monitoring of the project and partners meetings. To ensure solid project management, there will be 5 project meeting trough project lifetime.

The partnership will start with the process to compile unitfied Project implementation work plan. Each partner will prepare plan of activities for the WP which is responsible for. Project leader will prepare the whole project management plan. Each plan will be discussed in the steering group.

The WP1 management team will (together with contributions from all partner teams) form an internal Project management and communication plan. Partners will report to the WP1 management team about the activities performed and budget spent three times a year – 4 months peroid.

WP2 – Research of current state of the art and needs assesment

The Leader of WP2 – Research of current state of the art and needs assesment – TRUNI

Research will focus on determining the situation (state of the art) on the field of Roma: existing web sites, portals, project websites and needs of different professional groups (teachers, adult educators, professionals in the area of education, Roma activists), employment and social policy, representatives at all levels of decision-making, etc. Research will be conducted on national and European level. It will define key needs related to develop an innovative, valuable and useful portal to address needs and tackle challenges in the field.

The WP2 leader will provide methodology guide which will comprise all methodological instructions how to conduct an assessment of needs and state of the art on the on-line platform field in all countries. Methodology guide will be translated in 5 national languages. The collected results will be presented in 5 national reports in 5 languages. Summary report will be prepared by WP leader in English language.

As mentioned, the survey will be the reference framework to develop the on-line platform which will have a transnational core, valid for all project partners, as well as possible regional core based on national particularities which will be implied in corresponding partner countries.

WP2.2_ Country Reports
WP2.3_Transnational report

WP3 – On-line platform implementation

The Leader of WP3 – On-line platform implementation – MULTIKULTURA

WP3 aims at creating a high quality on-line platform. The WP leader will prepare proposal of on-line structure design and contents in cooperation with all the partners. Then WP leader will develop a technical solution for setting up platform and trained project staff on uploading materials within the on-line platform.

During the same period partners will collect material form different sources, sort them into logical units by the on-line platform structure and upload it within the portal structure. On-line portal will be implemented in 5 national languages and in English language. The WP leader P6 will prepare on-line guide for uploading materials on the on-line platform and plan for pilot testing of the platform. If it is necessary, they will also train the project staff by using e-communication for example Skype. At least 30 persons in all partnership will be trained for uploading material on the on-line platform.Final on-line platform will be presented on the final conference. It will run in 6 languages.

WP 3.3_Platform administration manual

WP4 – Dissemination

The Leader of WP4 – Dissemination – ADICE

WP4 aim is to create attractive promotion ways for projects results, especially on-line platform. This WP will draw information from all the work packages and will manage communication with EU authorities and different institutions (e.g. adult education) which might benefit from the project. Dissemination will be an on-going process on the whole project in terms of bringing feedback as well as disseminating the results. The Dissemination Plan will precisely define what to disseminate, when it should happen, who needs to know and how it can be done. All the activities presented above will be updated and put in right context.

The Dissemination Plan will define the approaches that will be in accordance with the project results gained throughout the project experiences and through exchange of good practices within the project partners and other public.

WP4.2_Elektronic newsletters

WP5 – Exploitation

The Leader of WP5 – Exploitation – LU Kočevje

This WP will ensure sustainability of the project through effective exploitation of results in all participant countries and most importantly, it will ensure sustainbility of the project on European level. Policy makers and advisory board will be involved in the activities in order to ensure the best impact. The identification of target group, key stakeholders and end users will also serve for the purposes of WP Explotation.

WP6 – Quality assurance and evaluation

The Leader of WP6 – Quality assurance and evaluation – CES Regional Office Karlovac

WP6 will ensure high quality of all actions undertaken. It will deal with quality plan, evaluation of project work, tools, methodology, products, results, etc.

The plan of quality will follow basic guidelines of ISO 2008:9001 quality standard. In the implementation of activities by quality assurance plan partners will monitor agreed objects in accordance with the established criteria.

QC activities include general methods such as accuracy checks on data collection and calculations, the use of approved standardized procedures for emission calculations, measurements, estimating uncertainties, archiving information and reporting. Higher tier QC activities will include technical reviews of source categories, activity and emission factor data, and methods.

WP6.3_Quality control Interim reports